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Latasa Reciclagem

Latasa Reciclagem was founded in 1991, pioneering the aluminum recycling industry and the collecting and smelting integrated system.

Through investments always focusing on process, quality and client and vendor service improvements, the company has evolved and became market leader in 2001.

The company joined the Recicla BR Group in 2013, implementing systems and certifications that ensure product quality and the brand's sustainable process. Also in 2013 the company was ISO-9001 certified.

Way beyond just recycling, Latasa pursues perfect operation for the recycling process, integrating it to the environment and society. Economically feasible, environmentally correct and socially fair.

For the next years, Latasa has as challenges to grow, to dare and to innovate always respecting the brand's principles, employees, clients, vendors, partners and society.

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Latasa Reciclagem Products

Liquid Aluminum

Liquid Aluminum
Latasa Reciclagem owns a streamlined logistics system especially designed for delivering liquid aluminum. Special containers for delivery, with 3-7 ton capacity, are used to transport the material at an approximated temperature of 780°C.

Ingots/RSI Plates

Latasa Reciclagem manufactures ingots in several sizes and in 6, 8, and 10 kg formats with different alloys, to meet the needs of every client. Pieces are delivered in 500 or 1,000 kg bales, packed in plastics or according to client's specification.

RSI Plates

RSI Plates
RSI Plate is one of the forms in which Latasa products are forged and marketed. The plate can be produced on liquid aluminum or Dross. The format helps transportation, re-forge or metal transformation.

Latasa manufactures RSI Plates in several sized and different alloys according to the client's needs. Pieces weight range from 400 to 700 kg.


Available in the half-circle shape with 150 or 200 grams, Latasa markets them in 1,000 kg big bags or according to client's specification.

Aluminum Alloys

Aluminum Alloys
Aluminum alloys are produced with several compositions. See below the chemical composition of aluminum alloys:

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Aluminum Bar
Produced in several gauges in jumbo-type coils, in several alloys and temperatures according to customer’s specification.